The rule of good and evil and the rule of unity – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

The rule of good and evil and the rule of unity
138 Openings of Wisdom (30)

God made also this one against this one” (Kohelet 7:14). Not only was evil brought into being; it was made parallel to good so that through the fact that things are parallel, there would be a place for service, as will be explained in its proper place. This means that good was not automatically put in control, for then, even if evil existed in the world, it would have been subordinate to good. Instead, “God also made this one against this one” — with equal power, on corresponding levels, and with equal ability to act. This way, everything that exists on the side of good has something against it on the side of evil which, if it acts in the world, can cancel out that good. Thus evil has the power to challenge good and not allow it any place to act unless it receives help from man in the lower world. This creates an actual path of service for man in making room for good and rejecting evil.

As to the root of the Other Side in comparison with that of the Holy Side, it is almost forbidden even to ask if there is any equivalence between them (God forbid). The root of the good is the one, unified, primordial, eternal Master, blessed be He and blessed be His Name forever and ever. On the other hand, the root of the evil Other Side is merely something newly brought into being whose entire existence depends only on the fact that this is what was willed by the Supreme Will. Had He not willed it, it would not have existed, and if He did not want it, it would not endure. When He no longer wants it, it will no longer exist, but “He will consume death forever and the Lord-God will wipe the tears from all faces” (Isaiah 25:8).

The intention is that the power to bestow good should gain sway, until every flaw returns to a state of repair. Then the true essence of God’s unity will be known. The governmental order itself ensures that this is how everything will end — with total rectification. This is because of the superiority of good over evil, for good is primordial whereas evil is a new creation. The good is from the one and only Master, while evil is the Other Side, the angel of death, a created slave.

This is why given that there is a war between the Holy Side and the Other Side — good and evil — good must necessarily be victorious. But its victory will come about only because of the intrinsic superiority of good over evil. Through this, the truth of the Creator’s unity will be known, because it is only in virtue of the fact there is only one domain that in the end everything will be rectified. For we see how the Supreme Will has allowed all the different kinds of damage found in the world to exist. And afterward, at the end of everything, we know that His unity will be aroused and will rectify everything, as it says, “And I will remove the sin of that land on one day” (Zechariah 3:9).