The Comet ATLAS comes on September 27, 2024 + Ancient Prophecy from “In the Time of Messiah” – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

Inside the Book of Zohar, specifically in parsha Balak section 47. “In the Time of Messiah”, there is a fascinating prophecy related to the advent and reign of the Messiah. Let’s delve into the mystical insights it offers:

* Rebuilding Jerusalem: The Zohar reveals that during the era of the Messiah, God will rebuild Jerusalem. This divine reconstruction signifies a significant spiritual transformation.

* Destruction of Rome: The text presages the destruction of Rome and its ruler. Symbolically, Rome represents the forces of darkness and oppression. The Messiah’s spirit will ultimately overcome these enemies of Yisrael (Israel).

* Wars and Redemption: The prophecy speaks of mighty wars that will unfold across the world during this period. These conflicts will extend in all directions, and faith will be tested. However, the righteous will experience redemption, and the spirit of Messiah will bring them back to life.

* Astrological Signs: The Zohar describes a celestial phenomenon: a fixed star shining with seventy moving planets and seventy winds. This star will glow for seventy days, signifying a momentous event. It will be seen in the center of the firmament, guiding other stars.

* Specific Dates: On a specific Friday, the star will appear, and after seventy days, it will be covered and hidden. During this time, significant events will unfold in Rome, leading to its downfall.

* Great King and Ruler: As the star shines in the center of heaven, a great king and ruler will emerge in the world. This leader will challenge other kings, provoke wars, and wield immense power.

Remember, these mystical teachings are rich in symbolism and allegory. They invite us to contemplate deeper truths beyond the literal interpretation. The Zohar’s wisdom continues to inspire seekers and believers, offering glimpses into the unfolding of divine plans and the arrival of the long-awaited Messiah.

The date cited in this particular Zohar article so happens to be the very date on the Gregorian calendar that the comet ATLAS will be passing nearest to our sun, and that is a massive prophetic revelation in itself!

Wow. Messianic consciousness, marvel us in 2024!

Josiah Haltom

Indeed, the convergence of celestial events and ancient prophecies can evoke wonder and contemplation. The appearance of comet ATLAS near our sun on a significant date in the Hebrew calendar adds an intriguing layer of symbolism.

Comets, often seen as messengers from the cosmos, have captivated human imagination for centuries. Their unpredictable paths and luminous tails inspire awe and curiosity. In this case, the alignment with prophetic dates invites reflection on deeper meanings.

As we approach the year 2024, a time associated with heightened Messianic consciousness, let us consider the following:

* Cosmic Significance: Comets have historically been linked to pivotal moments in human history. Their appearance is seen as a sign, a message from the heavens. Could the passage of comet ATLAS hold a hidden message for humanity?

* Hebrew Calendar: The Hebrew calendar, deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, carries profound spiritual significance. Its cycles mark festivals, seasons, and sacred observances. When a cosmic event aligns with a specific date in this calendar, it invites speculation about divine timing.

* Messiah Expectations: Throughout history, various cultures and faiths have anticipated the arrival of a Messiah—a transformative figure who brings redemption, justice, and renewal. Could the comet’s passage symbolize a cosmic nod to this collective longing?

* Symbolic Language: Prophecies often speak in symbolic language. Whether through stars, comets, or celestial alignments, they convey truths beyond the literal. As we witness cosmic phenomena, we’re reminded of our interconnectedness with the universe.

* Awakening: Perhaps the appearance of comet ATLAS serves as a wake-up call—an invitation to explore our inner landscapes, seek higher truths, and prepare for a new era. It sparks curiosity, urging us to contemplate our purpose and destiny.

Remember, interpretations vary, and each seeker approaches these signs with their unique perspective. Whether you view it as a prophetic revelation or a cosmic coincidence, the interplay of celestial events and human consciousness remains a captivating mystery.

May the marvels of the cosmos continue to inspire our hearts and minds as we journey through the unfolding tapestry of existence. 🌠🔭✨

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