The material world wrought oft to sell us what is a faulty image of Divinity. That is what means FOR SALE = exploiting the original make-up means to the limits thereof. Buying a product is different from Giving. This is the rule – every effect has some degree of difference from the Cause. The effect necessarily contains less density or quality of light and is known to be lesser than that of the Root.

The blueprint for us to learn and achieve redemption is universal and, thus, every extension set for recapturing the lost sparks of light from within the traps of the impure system. The light that is within the sun is the same at the core and anywhere, but the movement and difference is only in the vessels.

Trust the process. For helps with that, my advice is to learn some Ten Luminous Emanations @

If the light remains inoperable, it can only be due to the fact that the [proper] vessels are not there.




67. As all the vessels in the Temple are called ‘Holy,’ so are all those who attend on the Torah scholars called ‘Holy.’ The students of the Rabbi correspond to the members of the RABBI’S body. They are called the most Holy or the Holy of Holies. The secret of this is alluded to in the verse: “And the veil shall be for you as a division between the Holy place and the most Holy” (Shemot 26:33). Metatron, you and your legions should bring them as offerings before Hashem every night.

Aramaic crops from

68. The deed ONE MUST DO in order to take upon oneself the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven is to take upon oneself the sorrows of poverty, WHICH, to the Torah student, is the death of his animal body. The food of the Torah is the food of the mental Neshamah, Ruach and Nefesh, which are the priest, the Levite, and Yisrael. A priest has the Yud in him, which is Chochmah, a Levite has the Hei, Tevunah, and Yisrael have the Vav, Da’at. The additional Nefesh is the last Hei OF YUD HEI VAV HEI, MALCHUT, INCLUDING the 248 positive precepts and 365 negative precepts. The Torah is man, ZEIR ANPIN, as written: “This is the Torah: when a man (Heb. adam)” (Bemidbar 19:14). “Adam,” which is 45 in numerical value, includes the four letters of Yud Hei Vav Hei, fully spelled with Alephs. The Torah is food for man with his four faces, THE FACE OF THE LION, THE FACE OF AN OX, THE FACE OF AN EAGLE AND THE FACE OF A MAN, WHICH ARE CHESED, GVURAH, TIFERET AND MALCHUT, SINCE MAN’S FACE INCLUDES ALL OF THE FOUR FACES. THIS CORRESPONDS TO THE FOUR KINDS OF food OF THE bestial BODY: bread, wine, meat, and all sorts of fruit. “Elohim has made the one as well as (or: corresponding to) the other” (Kohelet 7:14). FOR BREAD CORRESPONDS TO THE FACE OF A LION, NAMELY CHESED; WINE TO THE FACE OF AN OX, NAMELY GVURAH; MEAT TO THE FACE OF AN EAGLE, NAMELY TIFERET; AND THE FRUIT TO THE FACE OF MAN, MALCHUT.

Know, our brothers, -our flesh- that the essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah consists in the knowledge of how the world came down from its elevated, heavenly place, to our ignoble state. This reality was necessitated, as “the end of a matter is in the first thought,” and His thought acts instantly, for He needs no practical tools as we do. Thus, we were emanated in the Infinite in utter perfection from the start, and came to this world (meaning: in the thought of the Creator to do good to His creatures).

It is therefore very easy to find all the future corrections destined to come from the perfect worlds that preceded us within the wisdom of Kabbalah. Through it we know how to correct our ways from here on. Man’s merit over beast is that the spirit of the beast descends, which means it only sees from it onwards, without the intellect and wisdom to retrospect so as to correct the future.

|||- Rav Yehuda Ashlag,Building the Future Society

In this physical world, nobody else exists outside of you. When it comes to sharing, we should think that everybody exists, though. But when it comes to receiving, it is only you and the Creator – no one else is in the equation.

-Kabbalah 1 notes…

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