Heaven on Earth – The 72 Names of God #13

AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections #13. YUD ZAYIN LAMED – Guardian angel, Yezalel, “God Who is Praised for All Things” //

It may be hard to believe, but chaos and, yes, even death are temporary distractions of this physical world, necessary for the game of life. Our true purpose is to have unending happiness and eternal existence. We can create heaven on earth.


The concept of a heaven on earth, according to Kabbalah, refers to both individual and global peace. This same principle also holds true in regard to the concept of Messiah. There is a personal Messiah and a universal Messiah.

But we must first achieve our own internal liberation and recovery through personal transformation. Namely, we must achieve a state of messiah within our self. Only when individual transformation in the world reaches critical mass, will universal peace, harmony, and a global messiah materialize before our very eyes. So, as seen through the lens of Kabbalah, the global messiah is not a savior but rather a seal and a sign that enough individuals have transformed their lives and, in turn, our world.

This is a constant and recurring theme in Kabbalah; everything, including our destiny of heaven on earth, begins and ends with our own individual behavior.

This Name quickens the process on every level.


You ignite the Light of the Messiah within yourself, within others, and throughout the planet. The concept of heaven on earth becomes conceivable and achievable.

“An Angel, is not a little being with wings, it represents, symbolically, the next stage of evolution of Humankind… our capacity to dream, to travel and to activate the multidimensions of our consciousness.”

-Professor Francis L. Kaya

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