The Destiny of Humanity – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

The purpose of man on earth is to attain the next, supra-egoistic level of his existence. We see that egoism has led us to a dead end.

How do you reach a new level? This is taught by the wisdom of Kabbalah, which says that we must rise above all beliefs, religions, and customs. But I think that during this time, they will also undergo serious changes.

Gradually, humanity will be convinced of the need to attain the next degree of its existence. But the question arises: “How is it easier for us to attain it, when there are many of us (billions) or few of us (millions)?”

According to Kabbalah, we have no right to regulate the human mass. We should be engaged only in the attainment of the upper force that controls us, to know it, to come into contact with it. This force is called “nature.”

The integral, global nature includes not only our world, but also other forms of it that we do not know. We cannot attain them yet because we are very limited by our egoistic worldview and feelings. The attainment of the entire universe will be the goal of the existence of humanity.

To do this, we need a lot of people to divide this huge, difficult task into the smallest parts, each of which can do its own little work, and then to put all the pieces together.

Therefore, I am in favor of not destroying anyone and not thinking about it at all, but only about how to direct people to search for the upper force and become like it—each one and all together.



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