Where do we go from here?

What we perceive through our will, our memory, and our five senses is called “this world.” Because our will and our memory are only our own, we are as limited as individual cells. To feel the entire reality, the higher realm of information, we must connect to the desires of others—those who are seemingly outside of us but who are actually parts of us. In other words, to perceive the true reality we must replace our will and shift from the inner, egoistic will, to the outer one.

The rule, “Love thy friend as thyself” is not a moral law that aims to force us to love other people. It is rather a means by which we connect the whole of reality to ourselves.

Our mutual connection grows as we care about improving the common world group, strengthening and expanding the ties between all the desires in order to overcome everything that divides us as a result of the Babylonian separation—psychological and spiritual differences, different languages—rising above everything and covering it with love.


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