Natural Law – Nature is an Economic System


Within Nature’s vast economic system . . . mutual dependence is an immutably established law.

The arrangement is, from top to bottom, a continuous sequence of reciprocal actions. Kingdom coordinates with kingdom, organic world with inorganic.

Indeed, everything comes into being thanks to something else. The earth’s substance is formed from the interaction of atoms; the earth itself owes its existence, its position and its stability, to the interaction and influence of other planets. Plants and animals are the product of interacting particles; nations consist of interacting human beings. Nature makes no movement, society achieves no goal, the compass makes no step forward, without cooperation; and to the extent that the disagreements of the world disappear as our knowledge increases, science, too, discloses with greater clarity the universality of mutual interrelations.

Thus, in the end, all natural forces are based on interaction; and all of them, furthermore, participate in the creation of the human being, thus connecting man to his primal origin.


For this reason it is essential to acknowledge that all natural phenomena, including the internal processes of living creatures and manifestations of the “spirit,” can and must be considered as the product of one universal energy, in which all known physical energy, along with its material forms and even its manifestation as human spirit, must potentially be contained.

In the final analysis, all energy must be acknowledged as a single essence existing in the universe; and all transformations of matter or substance—indeed, all forms of motion in general, including the flow of neural current—are nothing less than a manifestation of universal energy. The latter is unknowable in its essence, but represents the primary foundation of the physical energies we observe, i.e., is the source of their expression under certain conditions.


__Bekhterev, V. M. (2006). Immortality from the Scientific Point of View. ‘Society’, 43(2), 74–8

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