Spirituality – The Elevation of One’s Desire


We look at the world through ego reason. The Creator deliberately created us in egoism. In faith above reason, we elevate ourselves to the degree of bestowal, entering the Creator’s vision, His world, His sensation of reality.

Faith above reason allows us to see reality the way the Creator sees it.

Faith above reason is not self-deception or fantasy, but it transfers us to the world of truth. We see ourselves in the Creator’s world, we see everything through His eyes, the quality of bestowal, the quality of the Creator, the world of truth, [not] distorted by our egoism.

Blows and suffering will eventually persuade us that it is necessary to detach from our egoism. But there is another, more successful path. After all, we are egoists—unable to go against our egoism, meaning against ourselves. We can therefore draw a force from above: the light that reforms. The light will separate us from egoism, purify and correct us.

After correcting egoism, by means of restriction, the screen, reflected light, rising to the degree of bestowal, “faith above reason,” “bestowal above reception,” one merits seeing and feeling the actual reality, created by the Creator, as it is felt by the Creator.

When we—by our actions, by our way of life—will cause such suffering that we will be unable to turn away from it, it will make us think about the meaning of the suffering, or in other words, about the meaning of life, because life will be filled with suffering.

All this instead of simply starting to live in a new way, retaining only the necessities.

We will then start thinking about whether we should live at all, whether we should suffer, whether it all makes sense, and what we should do with ourselves. We will then start asking serious questions about our lives and will try to find their answers.

Then, we will reach the conclusion that our life is incorrect and we must find the correct way of life so that everyone feels good and so that life itself does not end but rather leads us to its optimal outcome.

|~Rav Michael Laitman (June 24, 2020 / February 10, 2022)





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