Recent History’s Best Tall Tale – Collective Redemption and Grace – One People’s Public Trust – Paradigm Report (2011)

1. The judicial house (system) is corrupt through its elite and privileged mentality and profit making, ordered, fostered and encouraged by the private banking system, filtered and maintained by the bar.

2. Law enforcement is an order taker, and generally speaking, they turn a blind eye to the crimes their “superiors” are committing. Law enforcement is not corrupt in general terms, and they see what is happening, they just need support, and orders, to re-ignite their stamina and courage to enforce true Justice.

“Really we were asking can the private system be saved? Is it worth saving? and the answer is no, it could not be saved. And why put energy into something that cannot be saved?”
|~Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on how the Paradigm Report came to be


So be it. 🕳️💧🔗🆘

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-January XX, _*_*_*_*_

Please find the attached Courtesy Notice as my effort to bring peace, harmony, and clarity to what may be perceived as confusion and controversy. Please take note that there are recent developments unfolding that you may not be aware of, that are changing things significantly… for the better.

An awakening is taking place on a massive scale that we are all participating in. Many are coming to know that a few at the top of the food chain have enabled private for-profit corporations (some of which are masquerading as governments) to effectively enslave humanity through control of financial, government, military, judicial and law enforcement systems, and various policies/programs that affect taxation, energy advancement, food production, water safety, and basically every aspect of our lives. You may be able to reflect on your own career too or circumstances where you know this to be true as well…

The awakening is peaceful and it is for all people. We intend peace with all who unknowingly and even knowingly contributed to the former slave system.
With regard to the Courtesy Notice, I do call your attention to the following:
Respondent [you] are specifically advised that you are now acting personally in your job, you do not have the safety net of the former XX corporation to assist you, therefore you are personally liable for every action you take under Common Law and preserved by public policy UCC 1-103, and Universal law. See WA DC UCC Ref Doc #2012113593.

Please see Schedule A of the Courtesy Notice for my terms of contract with you.
In addition, your former CEO Mr. X was recently served with a Courtesy Notice as well. Mr. X was recently invoiced for 3,000 oz of silver for his actions that fell within my terms of the Courtesy Notice.

How do you avoid being invoiced for agreeing to the terms of my Courtesy Notice? You do not contact me via telephone or in writing ever again. For example in my Schedule A, ‘if’ you call me again, you will be invoiced and personally liable to pay me 1,000 oz of silver.

Why am I sending you this Courtesy Notice? Am I trying to make money from you? No. Your former bank and I have no contract, no loan, due to the UCC filings by OPPT. Specifically, see True Bill: WA DC UCC Doc # 2012114776, Oct. 24, 2012] in fact the former PNC bank very likely has no legitimate loans with any of its customers; therefore you are opening yourself up to unlimited personal liability with every former XX customer you contact for a loan payment, a loan that no longer exists. I am actually trying to help protect you from losing everything you have.


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