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~The 2020’s perfect vision – unity in heralding the year of Jubilee would be an independent, transformative learning project of the mutual benefit, not-for-profit, “religious corporation” Haltom Family Ministries and Consultants, a CVAC system which claims sole allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven, and, thus, the entity and its members have diplomatic immunity from secular (commercial) jurisdiction.

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  1. Hi,
    Are you still in business?
    I found a few errors on your site.
    Would you like me to send over a screenshot of those errors?

    (714) 500-7363

  2. Hi,
    Are you still in business?
    I found a few errors on your site.
    Would you like me to send over a screenshot of those errors?

    (647) 503 0317

  3. Hi Josiah!
    I just read your posts Omega Point Cosmology and Torus – The Primary Connection System for Everything. I’m very interested in these topics. For forty years I have been researching about a spiral-fractal-holographic-toroidal pattern in evolution, that leads to a point of Singularity —Omega Point— in two centuries, and reveals the essential non-duality of energy and consciousness in the universe.
    I’m sending you a link to my work Beyond Darwin: The hidden rhythm of evolution, a resume of this transdisciplinary research. You can find it in , with Spanish and English versions, and optional PDF in both languages. If you take a look at it, you will surely be surprised by the results.
    All the best,

  4. Do we Want the Ultimate Forever Evolving “Australia” The NEW HOLY-LAND – THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH??? 😉


    To Bring about a NOBE (Needs-Only-Based-Economy) That is Based on Meeting Each Human’s “20” Fundamental Basic Needs ( Based on 10 Top & 10 Sub Fundamental Basic Needs which is based on the Number of Fingers & Toes Humans Have, as to how In the Bibicle times they come up with the 10 Commmandments!) as to where Humans & Resources Shall be Managed & Distributed Via a “Mother” & “Subs” ASI Interactive Supercomputer Resource Management Command Centres within the Habitabed Division of the Worlds 153,000 / Australia 2,304.69 – 3,333.33 Square Klm Zones as to where there will be No Country, State, Federal or LGA Governments or Borders, But Zones, In View to “Stepping” Down The World Human Population to 510,000,000 Million / Australia’s Maximum Total @ Any given Time = 7,682,300 = 5,377,610 Permanant Residents + The Maximum of 30% Extra Tourist Beds = 2,304,690 Humans = Via the Means of a Computerised Birth / Sterilisation Lottery System to Achieve a Human Population inline with the ULR (Universal Law Ratio) of 1:1, That Dictates the Human Population Per Square Klm Per Se, that Lives within Balance of the Environment, Nature, Other Species, Other Humans, Resources, Circular Resource & Environmental Preservation To Meet the “End-Game” Objective Without Monetary Systems!

    My Concern is with The Matter of Over-Population.

    With the Fact that the Universe has 30 – 33.3% Matter & 66.7 – 70 % Space.

    Planet Earth has like 30 – 33.3 % Land Mass & 66.7 – 70 % Salt Water.

    Considering Earth’s land Mass %’s, I feel there is Like there is a Possible 30 – 33.7 % of the 30 – 33.7 % of Land Mass that Accommodates Mountainous Areas, Deserts, Freshwater Rivers, Dams & Flood Plains, Forests, National Parks & Reserves, Roads & Infrastructure, Comercial Sites & buildings Etc that will not Accommodate Actual Ground Flood “Working” Dwellings For Humans ( A Working Dwelling, Is one that I have Considered, a “Ground Floor” Dwelling, Amply Spacious & Phsycologicallly Harmonious to Accommodate All Occupants! )

    As per “Natural Universal Law” Numbers, Percent’s & Ratio’s That will Dictate the Human Population Per Square Klm 1:1 or 510 Million Humans / Available Land Mass, that Shall Live within the Balance of the Environment, Nature, Other Species, Other Humans, Circular Resources, Circular Resources & Environmental Preservation for the Future Generations of Humanity to Meet an “End-Game” Objective!

    Could it be, Considering, Humans / Possible Animal Life Have Allowed themselves to Breed Out of Control to the Point and have become “Toxic” to Planet Earth, Life on Earth (Toxicity Occurs when One Has More, Consumes more In Excess to whats Needed (In Excess to the “20” Fundamental Basic Needs) ???) and we have become “Cancerous” To Planet Earth with All of our Human Activity which is now Causing Global Warming & Every other Imaginable Ill Effect???

    Could it be, if Humans Were To Stick to the Principles of Natural Universal Law, Number, Percents, & Ratios by Operating Under the Guise of a NOBE (Needs-Only-Based Economy) (Without Monetary Systems) that was based on Each Human’s “20” Fundamental Basic Needs Being Met & With Humans & Resources being Managed & Distributed Via the Means of a “Mother” & “Subs” ASI Interactive Supercomputer Resource Management Command Centres as to where Every Human that Resides within the Division of the Worlds 153,000 Habitabed 3,333.33 Square Klm Zones as to where Each “Ground Floor” House / Land Packaged (Justice of Equality of Living) was @ the Ratio of 30 / 70 %, 30 % for the Dwelling & 70 % For the Vertical, Solar, Temperature Controlled, Organic Plant Growing Facilities, The Environment, Nature to Produce the Much Needed Veganism Lifestyle Diet for Each Houshold @ The Natural Universal Law Scientific Consumption Rate of One’s Height In Cm, Converted to Grams of a Variety of Natural Organic Plant Based Foods 3 x Every 5 Hours & Natural Organic Liquid @ The Consumption Rate of one’s Height in Cm, Converted To Mls Every Hour x 16 to Acheive a Natural Universal Law Life Expectancy Age of 120, So Therefore Humans Could be Independant from Supermarkets, In the Horrible Event of a Natural Disaster / War of a Magnitude Beyond Comprehension as to where the Fuel / Food Supply Chains Become Seriously Affected to the point that Humans Start Perishing & Humans / Life on Planet Earth Would not be feeling the Dire Effects of Global Warming, Crime & Health-Related Problems???

    The $99 Aureus Question is…..

    How is the Present Human Management Supposed to Accomplish “Justice of Equality of Living” of the Above for 7.9 + Billion Humans + Animals Operating under the Guise of our Present day “Capitalistic FREE-MARKET Monetary Based Political Management Systems Ideology???

    – Ron J. Duck PRESIDENTE OF THE PLANET 🙂 FB: Mans Man

  5. For over 40 years, I’ve worked on the front lines with the Homeless. I am now a Disabled senior living in poverty and continue my work. I have moved 4 Homeless friends into my home which has taxed my poverty level seniors pension. I do not complain as that is my choice. As you are well aware Homelessness never takes a holiday and yet the very services they have come to rely on close their services down during the festive time. Why its that?

    I have developed a global solution to homeless, affordable housing and Food insecurities, but I don’t have the money needed to launch a global campaign. I’m hoping your organization will be able to help me launch this program while I’m still this side of the grass. I am a senior living in poverty and unable to fund the launch of this program. Please help!

    My Journey in life has been to connect with as many groups as possible in poverty, with disabilities, the indigenous community, and all their supporters together to understand their respective issue. The Common thread has been poverty, which is as violation of their Human rights!

    Given my experience, I’ve developed a program that addresses the Global Crises of Homelessness, Affordable Housing, and Food insecurities. The program was vetted by a hospital board member, lawyers, and accountants as a Global solution. I am a Senior with ill health and need help to get this launched while I’m still this side of the grass!

    The Gist is as follows:
    I wish I could wipe society’s hard drive clean and upload the correct narrative about Homelessness.
    1. It is not a choice!
    2. You are not the victim!
    3. The bulk of homelessness now is a result of economic times and society’s neglect & voter ignorance!
    4. There but for the grace of the universe go any of us!
    5 Most homeless people are not drug addicts!
    6. Most homeless people are not criminals!
    7. You are violating their Human Rights in not resolving this!
    8. They are sentient beings with the same HUMAN RIGHTS you have!
    9. If the police dropped a dog at the city limits there would be a united call for justice!
    10 They are often the most generous while having the least!
    11 Human Rights are not scaleable based on where one fits on the Capitalist Spectrum.

    Global Pod Community Support Program (PCSP)

    The perfect global charity would address the needs of all the balls Governments have left in their wake! The Charity will be funded by the same wealthy Canadians who cared about poverty but Trudeau refused to tax them more to fund a Universal Basic Income of $3,000. This program purposely operates outside the purview of the Government and will be operated within all legislative requirements to prevent intervention

    Affordable housing
    Food insecurities
    National Drug Plan
    Nation Dental plan
    National Eye Care
    Free of charge to anyone living in poverty income.


    PODS identified by serial number can not be sold!
    They will be used to develop affordable housing communities for everyone living in poverty (homeless, poverty, seniors, and the disabled)

    They can be leased to the Federal Government to finally address the native community’s needs.

    They can be leased for Granny flats, student housing, backyard office space

    They can be stockpiled as emergency housing units in response to disasters.

    They can be used in 3rd world countries to address housing needs.

    Local charity drives similar to those used to raise money for hospitals
    Global donations
    Millennial Billionaires*
    Global charity drives
    Film & Music industry superstars
    Federal Bond investments
    Cash register donations in every store
    Religious donations
    Pod leasing income
    Pod Community Service groups (landscaping, cleaning, shopping, appliance, and small engine repairs…)
    Brand sales (t-shirts, caps, clothing…)


    I’ve been busy getting ready to launch a solution to homelessness, affordable housing, and food insecurities. The lawyers are working on securing the program as a trademark so it can’t be used by the Governments or Capitalists. So I can’t share the program until it is licensed, but I’ll give you a bit of an overview. The concept is a gated community with 24 hours gatehouse access. The units will have a pod concept that can be adjoined for bigger units. They will have their own outdoor space. The community will be complete with a Food hub which is not a food bank of the type we have today, it will be similar to a grocery shopping experience where you make the choices, Fruits & vegetables will be available as well as toiletries and apparel. Some will be second-hand, others new. This program is meant to address the precariousness and affordability of housing. The home can never be sold, is not owned or operated by the government, and you pay what your housing allowance is and no more. There will be complete support services for anyone needing assistance with cleaning, food prep, transportation, legal, tax filing, debt counseling, Jos training, employment sourcing, barber, hairstylist, vet care, etc all within the community. I’m attaching a picture of a stock pod that will reflect the concept. I know this leaves you with a ton of questions but if you could please be patient and hold your questions a more complete online will be posted. The program will be launched in my hometown as a pilot. Not as a test but as a model to be completed in urban centers across Canada and around the world. It is the entire revamping of our social support system.

    The most active group with hands-on experience with the homeless in their area will be given the license to duplicate our modeled community. A local charity Board will be established and given access to the international branding for the concept and develop it in their area. Canada will be divided up as it is for the federal election and each of the largest centers awarded the manufacturing contract for the pods in their district. Employment will be offered first to those coming to the support program and then to the lowest-paid workers in that community who will then be paid a liveable wage with increases tied to the increase of the cost of living. Workers will be schooled, trained, and be ready to join a workforce tasked with addressing poverty housing around the world. Each pod will come with a registration number like a vehicle and it can never be sold outside of this cycle of life as a lien will be filed against each one. The pod can only be sold back to the cycle to prevent Capitalism from butting its ugly noses in. Pods can be sold for use outside the cycle as granny flats, as student housing, as Backyard work pods, as a cottage but they are to be returned to the cycle when use is complete. All profits generated from the manufacturing and sale return to the cycle to be used within the community. There will be no profits, no large CEO salaries, no shareholders, etc. MORE TO FOLLOW!

    Pod concept:

    Facebook Group:

    Fundraising: Please donate if you can and also share. Thank you:

    Pod Community Support Program (not a registered Global charity yet)

    Al Garland,

    Be the change you want to see!

  6. Hi,

    Is there any way that you can provide an audio version of your blog?

    I recently started commuting with my new job for few hours in the day driving and I would still like to read your new blogs.

    I’ve a friend who told me that she added a button on her website that transforms the text into human like audio.

    You can see the audio button on her website, like in this blog.

    She is using a service called websitevoice and she says its free and easy to install.

    The audio sounds great to me and I would appreciate if you can do the same, a male voice would be great in my opinion 🙂


    Julia Fredenbug

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