Check out the Biggest Stimulus Proposal Ever to be Made in the Economy

“It is not possible to run a course aright when the goal itself has not been rightly placed.” |-Francis Bacon

Just imagine, if you will, that we just stopped using these damned, debt-based, fiat IOU death-notes altogether and learned how to really care for one another and for the planet. That cause would be what this here agency has been created to help achieve. The act of us kicking the can down the road has got to come to an end. We should be so insulted. Hoodwindked! We are better than that. We are the value. Eternal essence-embodied. We are priceless, each and every one of us.

The choice is ours.

The solution to the present crises is to simplify all of our lives and enter the mutual guarantee, a whole new society for the well-being of all – 100% of the planet, with none suffering any unnecessary lack whatsoever.

How so, you ask?

Let’s stimulate some strength in our connection with awakening greater unity consciousness and a ripe desire for change. This present stimulus proposal will become an organic social change movement, a herald of hope eternal, not some engineered scheme like a bill err whatnot.

Who will pay for it?

Actually, this would be called REDEMPTION.

This idea is NOT FOR SALE.
Trust the process.

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However, “The Consensus” is here now.

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3 responses to “Check out the Biggest Stimulus Proposal Ever to be Made in the Economy”

  1. Sampson Seuss Avatar
    Sampson Seuss

    With certainy we will get there. Patiently taking one step at a time can be difficult when such a tremendous goal is proposed. Compassion for others AND the self will get us there together. It isnt easy not to run for both reasons, but we must sing together🕊

    1. Josiah Haltom Avatar

      Thank you for the comment.

      Several many other posts to this blog have been made for sole the purpose of increasing and strengthening the certainty of the reader. Be well.

  2. Sarah Mackie Avatar
    Sarah Mackie


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