THE WHOLE EARTH IS FULL OF HIS GLORY – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

by Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag

The expansion of the upper light is clothed in the whole of reality and is called “the sustainer of reality.” It appears in all the dresses that exist in the world, meaning in every corporeal thing before us. Everything is the light of the Creator, whether in dresses of Torah, meaning the letters of the Torah, or in the letters of the prayer, or in mundane things. The only difference is in the receiver, namely those who feel.

There are people who feel that the light of the Creator is dressed only in Torah and prayer. There are people who feel the light of the Creator also in combinations of letters of mundane things, and there are those who do not feel even in combinations of letters of Torah and prayer that it is the light of the Creator in the manner of “Who fills the whole of reality.”

However, since there was a Tzimtzum [restriction], which is concealment, they do not feel that everything is the expanding light of the Creator.

That is, the measure that the creatures can attain, meaning the light that spreads into the sensation of the created beings, and besides the Creator wanting the lower ones to attain, it is certainly called “there is no thought or perception of Him whatsoever.”

However, a person must believe in the Tzimtzum, meaning that it is only a concealment for man’s benefit, while in truth, “The whole earth is full of His glory,” and there is no reality in the world besides Godliness, and all the concealment is only in one’s sensations.

Before one is fit to attain the truth, he must believe that the truth is not as he knows or feels, but that it is as it is written, “They have eyes and they will not see; they have ears and they will not hear.” This is only because of the correction, in order for man to achieve his wholeness, for he feels only himself and not another reality.

Hence, if one returns his heart to trying to walk in faith above the intellect, by this he qualifies it and establishes it so as to achieve the revelation of the face, as is presented in The Zohar, that the Shechina [Divinity] said to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, “There is no place to hide from you,” meaning that in all the concealments that he felt, he believed that here was the light of the Creator. This qualified him until he achieved the revelation of the face of His light.

This is the meaning of the measure of the faith that pulls one out of every lowliness and concealment if a person strengthens himself in this and asks the Creator to reveal Himself.

This is the meaning of what Baal HaSulam said, “Run my Beloved until she pleases,” meaning that before one is fit to reveal His light, we ask of Him, “Run my Beloved,” meaning that He will not reveal Himself to the created beings because the concealment is only the correction of creation.

Hence, one must brace oneself and pray for those two:

1) To be worthy of the revelation of the light of the Creator.

2) That the Creator will give him the power to grow stronger in faith above reason, for by this, he merges Kelim [vessels] that are fit for the revelation of the face, as in “The Lord will light up His face for you and will give you peace,” as it is written, “I will hear what God will speak, for He will speak peace unto His people and unto His followers and let them not turn back to folly.”

Terumah (Offering) from The Zohar
(60) “To you it was shown, that you might know”


Just as a stone is made of the same material as the mountain from which it is hewn, the soul of man is a spark of the divine Light. Therein lies the secret of the profound oneness that underlies this physical reality. The essence of the Creator, and our souls, is an unending desire to impart goodness, joy, and delight.

Thus, when we resist our wanton, self-seeking desires and use them in the service of others (sharing), we attain oneness with the Creator. The stone merges with the mountain. The faith to live by this truth awakens in our hearts. The strength to conquer our avaricious tendencies is born within us. Trust, conviction, and knowledge of the Creator are emblazoned in our minds. Our ultimate transformation and the final evolutionary stage of humanity are achieved. Mankind now embodies a Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing, and oneness is achieved between the Light and the Vessel.

When we connect to the Zohar, we should do so with the consciousness of full knowledge and trust that we are connecting in a most powerful way to the essence of our own soul, we are building it, and so it comes. We have to receive it with this consciousness.

-Michael Berg, The Kabbalah Centre
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