What Does Nature Want from the Human Level?

He must understand the general law of nature and then apply it to human society. He must create such an association between people that would reflect, on the one hand, the fact that they are not animals, but egotistically developing people who want to subjugate everything and everyone all the time.

On the other hand, he still has to bring himself to the right balance and create such a system of interaction between people and the other levels of nature, so that this system would work in absolute harmony, in integration with itself.

This condition is not understood by the person. He can’t even create his own little society. I’m not even talking about how he treats inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and only destroys everything. This is his only problem, in principle, this is his egoism.

We need to find out how we can ride this egoism, begin to manage it, limit it intelligently, and understand how, after all, we should behave toward ourselves and among ourselves.


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