Attainment of the Unity of the Universe – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

~Rav Michael Laitman

The main subject of research for the science of Kabbalah (Eng. – “how to receive”) concerns the interconnection of all parts of the universe. All the elements of a vast reality, of all five worlds ruled by the uniform law of nature, interconnect and unite. They create a single whole whose parts are included in and bond together, one with the other.

The goal of development, with the help of the Kabbalistic method, promises to make the person happy. This is because the person who has attained the property of love for his neighbor merges with the upper force in accordance with the law of equivalence of form. He transcends the narrow borders of his cruel world and enters the immense and infinite world of bestowal to the upper force and created beings.

From the science of Kabbalah, we learn that the creation started with one thought (the Thought of Creation) defined as “the Creator’s desire to delight His creatures.” Delight means the Creator’s perfection. Anything less than that is not considered delight, and the Creator cannot perform an imperfect action.

“Conscious and Unconscious Development”
Two forces push us forward and compel us to climb the spiritual levels until we reach its summit – the final goal, when our properties become equal to those of the upper force:

  1. One of the forces propels us without our choice or realization. It spurs us from behind; Kabbalists call it “the path of suffering”. Ethical and educational systems based on empirical knowledge tested by the practical mind stem from it. The essence of this system is nothing but an evaluation of harm caused by the growing sprouts of egotism. These experimental data were received “by chance”, i.e., without conscious realization or choice. However, it serves its purpose rather convincingly, because the degree of evil manifesting and growing in our sensations compels us to avoid it, and thus to ascend higher.
  2. The second force pushes us forward by means of our conscious awareness. We choose this force on our own. It draws us from the front and Kabbalists call it “the path of Kabbalah”. By taking this path and following the advice of Kabbalists with the intention of making our properties equal to the upper force, we quickly realize our evil and receive a double benefit:

We do not have to wait until our life experience starts pushing us from behind by means of pain. At the same time, our intention to reach similarity to the upper force helps us to develop the same realization of evil without suffering.

As soon as we begin to aspire to become equal to the upper force, we feel its purity and sweetness. The comprehension of the meanness of self-love develops in us. This growing revelation of evil develops in combination with a feeling of pleasure and peace of mind that slowly emerges within us because of a similarity to the upper force.

We gain time because we act consciously; it is in our power to do more and thus speed up the process of our correction until we achieve absolute equality with the upper force.

A form similar to the Creator
~Rav Laitman

Due to the fact that everyone at least in some way nullifies himself before others striving to achieve a common, mutual inclusion, we bring our qualities into some similarity with the Creator. The Creator completely nullifies Himself and if we unite through mutual self-nullification, in this way we build a spiritual model, a form similar to the Creator.

To the extent of this similarity, we will begin to feel how a certain glow descends upon us, that a certain force from above is present between us. And then we will feel that we are coming closer to the Creator, and He is coming closer to us.

After such exercises, we will find that our connection under such conditions brings us closer and advances us to the Creator. Like a small child who is just learning to walk and takes his first hesitant steps, so are we already on the way to Him, and we take another and another step with one foot and then with the other.

We will feel that it is the Creator who is moving our legs like a mother who carefully moves the legs of her baby so that he knows how to walk. Thus, we will begin to distinguish the actions of the Creator over us, that it is He who moves our legs: right, left, and teaches us to move forward. We will feel that the Creator is within our actions. In every action we will want to reveal Him, and we will reveal Him precisely through this work.

I will understand that I do not walk on my own and do not embrace my friends myself, but the Creator does all this for me. And I, while trying to perform the same actions, begin to reveal Him and discover that it is He who moves my arms and legs and fills all the space between us.

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