Attain unity for all or continue with unity for only some? – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


*Arvut (Mutual Guarantee) is the law of the system of the common soul and all of nature. It is a single vessel whose parts are separated by their egoism and are brought back to unity through their desire to bestow. Due to the difference between the separating desire to enjoy and the connecting desire to bestow, the gap between these two tendencies is what allows creation to receive all the goodness from the Creator and exist.

The only problem is with a person who is intentionally created to violate the law of Arvut, the law of simple unity. Human aspiration is the opposite of unity, the Creator, and connection, and that is why a person feels existence in a reality called “this world,” in suffering and lowliness. The whole world is set up to bring the person to the realization of his evil nature and to the revelation of the goodness of the global, integral nature of unity.

Our purpose is to reveal unity to the point of attaining the root of this connection, the single force of the Creator, which is all that exists. Arvut is the law of nature. We gradually realize that everything depends on following this law.

The heart [however] is a desire covered with an egoistic shell. Therefore, we need to rub our hearts to peel off this shell and reveal the net desire on which we can receive the intention to bestow.

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