Trust in the Creator – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

“There’s a direct correlation with doubts and sadness and certainty and happiness.”
|– David Ghiyam
This is all for the best. I trust the Creator and the process of life.
Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

Trust in the Creator is, perhaps, the most difficult trait that one can develop. Trust does not pertain to blind faith. Trust is connected to vision that is vast, sweeping, able to perceive the cause and effect principle at work in our lives. Trust includes the ability to observe order beneath chaos, the wisdom to recognize blessing within adversity, the self-honesty to detect the cause behind calamity. It encompasses awareness of the divinity, design, and purpose behind life’s joys, and all of its obstacles.

It is true that when affliction and hardship strike, doubts begin to surface in a man’s mind. He becomes uncertain about the reality of the Creator. He questions the justice in the universe. He fears for his own future. Thus, we learn that if we have trust, we shall be stable as the mountain, we shall be able to ascend to our own greatest heights. Our moments of pain will be brief, and we shall experience the perfection that is the Light of the Creator, now and in the World to Come.

This mystical passage ignites trust, truth, and certainty within our hearts, vanishing forever the doubts that have tainted the hearts of men through all the ages.

Zohar –Trumah (“Offering“): Verse 307

He opened the discussion saying, “A song of ascents. They who trust in Hashem shall be like Mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abides forever” (Tehilim 125:1). This passage has been established, but these are holy supernal levels from the sides of supernal Gvurot (“judgements”) THAT ARE IN BINAH. They are similar to the Levites below, who are ascents, levels upon levels in the secret of fifty years OF WHICH IT IS WRITTEN, “AND FROM THE AGE OF FIFTY YEARS THEY SHALL GO OUT OF THE RANKS OF THE SERVICE” (BEMIDBAR 8:25), WHICH ALLUDES TO THE FIFTY GATES OF BINAH. This is, “A song of ascents. They who trust in Hashem shall be like Mount Zion,” these are the righteous, who trust in Him of their deeds.

Words are very powerful. So, if you utter a prayer for you to have certainty, those words actually create angels that start to do surgery on your soul which then opens you up to receive the light of certainty.


The consciousness of borrowing from the righteous within can be a meditation that happens instantly whenever I might be going through some kind of test.

The abundance of the Creator cannot dwell in me if I feel that I am small. I am blessed to always be able to connect with and access my higher, corrected self / soul.

Zohar notes Ekev


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