Let Go of the Limited and the Illusory World – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

What Is Control?
-Michael Laitman, Ph.D.

Our problem is that we do not know this power which is inside of man, which is called man. And we don’t know the forces that act on us either, on this inner person that’s inside of us – we don’t know. Because when we relate to the world of our surrounding reality, we relate to substances – inanimate, vegetative, living. We don’t relate to the forces that are acting.

Whoever elevates to the level of seeing forces in reality and forces in people, he/she is in control. Man can’t control anything. Let’s not delude ourselves. Not our thoughts, not our feelings—nothing. If a person tries to control one thing then it turns out to be at the expense of something else. That’s not called control.

What is control? I need to hear from you that to drink this kind of water is healthier and more beneficial than that kind of water. So then I start, meaning I choose one over the other. This is called that I control. I control one desire. I take instead of it another desire and I use that one.

This isn’t control. True control is that I, again, that I reach the spiritual world, a higher world, a higher level, above my reality. I observe my reality from there and then I choose what is good. That’s called control.

Look, as much as we reveal in Nature, through all of our research and any kind of science, we only discover one thing, that everything behaves according to a definite, predetermined, absolute set of laws that never change. Everything works according to cause and effect. Everything is organized according to formulas.

So, what are you going to change? Where do you want to penetrate and determine anything – and according to what intelligence? No, I don’t understand that either. It is impossible. Tell me is there anything in our lives, even at the human level, thoughts, desires, hormones, genes, or the laws of quantum physics, no matter what, where we can change anything?

We only study the way that it exists, because a change is only possible from the root, where all of the results in this world are. They’re in the beginning, where all things are born, where there is a causal level. If you enter there – if you can be there, only then you can cause a change.

Why does everyone run for government? Because from there you determine what will later happen in the field. That’s it! That’s what we need to reach. If the point in the heart was open for someone and if he/she feels that they have some connection, some impulse to something more, something slightly higher, a higher state, it means that the person can attain it.

It’s the sign that you can be elected to government—so to speak—to set the rules, to change the situation. That’s what we have to achieve. All the disasters and the troubles, all of the things that happen to us, one way or another, that cause us to be unsatisfied with life, they’re all there in order to push us to elevate a little and to control reality.

These are messages that want to awaken us so that we will have a need for this control and man has to reach it and the wisdom of Kabbalah says that each and every person will eventually reach it.

“Much of what we see is an illusion painted negative by our ego, but, if we are able to let go of our ego, the true good can be seen.

When we begin to understand that there is more to this life than our own experiences, that we are all influenced by the actions of those around us, we can begin to break out of the prison of the ego. Unity is not feeling any division between ourselves and others—feeling their pain as if it were our own.

Unity is the key to growth—breaking down the invisible barriers the ego builds. The *Desire to Receive for the Sake of Others* breaks down the walls the ego erects and unites us. Through compassion, we circumcise our hearts and learn what it truly means to share with others. ”

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