Kabbalah and the Messiah

¬Rav Michael Laitman (2005) – “The Kabbalah Experience” – chapter 10

QUESTION: How is the circulation of Kabbalah related to the coming of the Messiah?

ANSWER: Indeed, the success in the circulation of Kabbalah is evident all over the world. In the Torah it says that in the End of Days, all the peoples will want spirituality: *For they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them.* (Jeremiah 31:34).

The growing interest in spirituality at this time, in addition to its growing commercialism, testifies to the coming of the days of the Messiah. Soon there will come a day when a spiritual Force will come down to the world and open the eyes of mankind and enable it to see the complete reality.


QUESTION: What should we expect now with the coming of the Messiah, and how should we understand it from the point of view of the Kabbalah?

ANSWER: A person acts only according to one’s feelings, to what stems from one’s inner needs. It cannot be any other way. New Reshimot, new data and new instructions that we must implement surface in us each minute. This is how we advance toward our corrected situation, the eternal and optimal situation.

These instructions are inside each and every one of us, just as the knowledge of the mechanisms of the body is imprinted in our genes. All our future situations are imprinted in us and must be implanted one by one, by a predefined order.

This means that our path has already been set. It is so because we were already in a perfect state, one that the Creator had created in the beginning. But afterwards, we drifted from that state to its opposite, to a state of complete imperfection. Our task now is to go back the same path from which we drifted from Above, from the perfect to the imperfect – to rise by ourselves to the preliminary state from which we descended.

Part of that road is taken by man unconsciously, as we do today. That part of it is called “This World,” or “Our World.” The part of the road that is taken consciously is the part that lies past the barrier, which is the border between this world and the Upper World, or the “Spiritual World.”

Man can only imagine what he can sense, and nothing more. He will never be able to feel a higher degree, the degree above his present degree.

That is why he can aspire to the final goal of creation to begin with. In every situation, he pictures the final goal by what he can now see as the best situation from his current state.

Everyone knows that different peoples and religions picture the future world in a different way. Much like that, the Messiah is seen as the force that will deliver us from our present state and help us transcend to the best possible situation. We can all picture that state according to our own level of attainment. For each person, the “next world” and the “Messiah” are different things, and they vary from one degree to the next. But they become fully understood only at the final degree of the spiritual ladder.

The method of the Kabbalah speeds up the pace of the surfacing of the situations concealed in us and significantly shortens the whole process. It is much like what happens in a chemical reaction. It is possible to contract the process by a million times. You can save millions of life cycles in just one lifetime and profit millions of times more than everybody else.


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