As above, so Bestow – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


Kabbalah offers a very simple thing. It says that in addition to the reality we currently sense, there is another, more expansive reality, a higher one. From this higher reality, forces extend to our world and govern it. The development we have achieved over the generations was intended to bring us into recognising the forces that operate on us and govern us.

When we discover this higher reality, we will understand that our development over thousands of years has taken place only to bring us to acquire and experience a more expansive sensation of reality. Thus, we will not remain in the confined state in which we live and die, live and die. Instead, we will know life in its eternal, broad, and boundless form.

Kabbalah is essentially both a way of viewing the world and a way of living in the world. The Tree of Life is a blueprint of the organizational structure of all life, both seen and unseen, so this includes not only our physical Earth and all of its parts, our Solar System, our Galaxy and Universe, but All of the Cosmos.

Kabbalah is both the macrocosm of space and time, and the microcosm down to the atomic level. We are born from Nothingness and we return to Nothingness, and the voyage of our eternal life is mapped on the Tree of Life.

During the journey, we travel a road anywhere between polar opposites: positive and negative, excesses and deficiencies, highs and lows, light and dark, etc. The key to this journey is to not get stuck in one place, but to be fluid, while at the same time, learning the value of the dynamic process between the extremes of life. The goal is to maintain a neutral path, while still experiencing the extremes around us. It’s staying in the spoke of the wheel and observing what’s all around us rather than riding the bumpy dizzying path at the rim of the wheel.

It is a cyclical, never-ending journey, with our Soul becoming crystallized Light at conception, and then after a “time”, we experience what we call death, when our physical body becomes dust once again. At the moment of death, we leave our physical shell, only to eventually return for the same voyage once again. And so the cycle begins once again.



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