2020’s Pandemic Related Prophecy – What should we do?

🙏 “And except those dayes should be shortned, there should no flesh be saued: but for the elects sake, those dayes shall be shortned.”
-Gospel of Matthew 24:22 {1611 KJV Bible}

The coronavirus was not deliberately created by humans. It is the result of the imbalance that we have provoked in nature, where only man lives solely for his own benefit and thereby causes damage. In contrast, all other levels of nature—the still, vegetative, and animal—act instinctively and take only what is necessary for their survival.

COVID-19 comes to teach all of us that our individualistic and narrow-minded paradigm of abusing our surrounding environment has led us to a dead end, to such a dangerous state that if we continue in that path, we could very well experience even more deadly consequences than the pandemic, an imminent world war.

If we focus our attention on the world’s evolutionary process, we will realize that nature is not truly secretive and scheming; its actions are actually overt and plain to see. Our inherent human nature, the persistent desire to take advantage of others through myriad self-serving thoughts and actions causes the world’s goodness to be concealed from us. Thus, we have generously been given time for soul searching that will allow us to contemplate change.

If we unite not only at a time of trouble or during an epidemic, but rather from a profound sense of connection based on healthy bonds of friendship, brotherhood and mutual concern, we will resemble the quality of nature within its integral system. Then, the more we become similar to it, the higher and more intricate the level of balance we will attain.

This is the rumor that needs to spread across the world. It is precisely now, during the coronavirus crisis, that we must begin a comprehensive educational process on mutual responsibility that will develop within us the awareness that we have no choice but to function as an integral part of the one, interdependent and interconnected system. The call of the hour is to bring about global awareness of how mankind must behave within the system of nature, what our proper function is vis a vis the world, and how to achieve harmony and correct communication between us.

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