• The Science and Religion Debate Put to Rest

    The Science and Religion Debate Put to Rest

    Today, science has merely become another form of religion, exhibiting all the traits of organized religion; narrow-mindedness, arrogance, claiming to own the sole truth of existence, belittling those who disagree, actively promoting, preaching and teaching its tenets and ideas to sway the consciousness of the world to its side. The sad and tragic part of […]

  • A Formula for Interdependence

    A Formula for Interdependence

    Interdependence means that everybody and everything is intertwined as a single system. It means that every action you make, even every thought and feeling you have, exerts its influence on this system. Likewise, interdependence also means that every action, thought and feeling of every person is influencing everybody else, simultaneously. So, interdependence has enormous implications. […]

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