Greater Unity Revealed in the Connection Between Us – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom


There is no choice, as we live in a reality that is entirely round. We all depend on one another, and we cannot divide the earth into parts. If we reach the final state, the correction has to be in everybody. This is why peace has to control the whole world-over, everybody. There’s no difference between people or of different groups between them. Nothing. We all enter the law of nature. It is not some kind of party, government, the United Nations, or any others who determine and order how we should live.

The Creator reveals His nature, the nature of bestowing peace and wholeness on everybody. We enter this force first by force and then by our own desire, and this is how we exist. This is the condition of [us,] the last generation. It is not called ‘the last’ because everything ends, but because there is no development afterward. The laws of the last generation are in one direction: that our connection has to develop love in the whole world. I really hope that we will see the beginning of this development in us for the best of this world. We have no choice, as it is written, “first by force and then by desire.” This is how it will be.

Let the upper light bestow [now] on all the layers of the desire to receive and all those layers will uplift until the degree of complete adhesion, Amen.


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