When Darkness Shines – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

Darkness, it is mere illusion, a shadow, just an appearance. The light drives away the shadow. -JAH

“And no light can withstand his radiance without appearing dark.”
|-Zohar, Pinchas 🫶

WHEN DARKNESS SHINES by Billy Phillips (2012)

There are no sins we cannot correct or fix. Our sins and darkest behavior become actual BLESSINGS and rays of LIGHT the MOMENT we admit our negative actions and transform the actual character traits and impulses that led us to behave negatively in the first place.

Not just that. It gets even better: The worse our previous deeds were, the greater the Light we shine into this world when we transform through the power of Zohar. Think about that! Most of us would be delighted to just to earn a clean slate and balance out our negative karma. But the Zohar says we get far more than just a clean slate. The darkness and sins that we committed become actual assets, actual blessings and sparkling diamonds that shine in our life when we genuinely transform ourselves.

This is why Kabbalah loves all the sinners, thieves, crooks, scoundrels, rascals, mischief makers, burglars, robbers, drug dealers and gangsters. They offer the world the absolute best chance for injecting great Light into our world and therefore bringing the Messiah the moment they embrace Kabbalah.

This is why Kabbalists NEVER judge people.

Everyone is a child of God. Everyone is a spark of the Divine. And everyone eventually seeks to come back to the Light! It is only our ego, the Satan/Adversary who tries to convince us that we cannot change and that we can never pay back for our negative deeds.

Not true.

The Opponent/Ego called “Satan” injects us with guilt to keep us down and to prevent us from changing.

Everyone can change.


And it’s now time to remove all judgment from our world. This happens to be one of Jesus’ greatest Kabbalistic teaching in regards to judgement when he said, “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

We are all in the same boat.

If we do not judge others, judgment can never befall us.

It is we, ourselves, who cause judgment to strike the moment we judge others.

God NEVER judges.

Instead, God arranges the world in such a way that people who commit similar sins to our own, they are placed before us to test us and see whether or not we judge. Do we empathize and see the good in people, or do we judge all the negative traits that we see in others? If we judge someone else, only THEN does the universe judge us. We pull the trigger. Not God. This is why Jesus and all Kabbalists like Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai tell us NOT to judge.

If we just try to not judge, judgment will never strike us.

Now we can focus on finding our own negative deeds and inner darkness so that we can make that darkness shine bright by embracing the sacred Zohar and uprooting all of our inner character traits and negative desires and transform them into traits of compassion, caring and sharing.

It’s time to shine.

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