A Small but Powerful Group of Individuals Controls the World

The world is [presently] controlled by individuals, a small group whose members know each other very well and own everything. Everyone else gets whatever falls into their lot. That is how it’s [been] organized from above.

But now we are reaching a state where these powerful circles also understand the finite nature of their existence. They might have an enormous amount of precious metals, stones, and cash, but this won’t save them because without becoming an integral world, we will simply consume ourselves like cancer and will cease to exist. Therefore, I think there is an audience we can turn to and a goal we can reach.

At the end of the day, we are all one, a single human image. How can I start feeling it? For that, we have the rudiments of inner qualities, but we have to develop them.

As soon as people begin to feel it, they will instinctively start acting conjointly. The network will begin to live within them and control them, and they will willingly, happily follow this common direction. Then we will discover a humanity that is interconnected into one, healthy organism.

|-Rav Michael Laitman (2014), “The Psychology of the Integral Society

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This is a big idea, The 2020's perfect vision - unity in heralding the year of Jubilee, and I am just a vessel through which the tides are turning towards peaceful terrains. Thank you a lot, I want to share these gems of meta-data with any who are interested. Pockets full of sunshine. Love you. Hey.

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