The Quantum Jump for Humanity


Very, very powerful.

Karen Berg had told her student, Billy Phillips, about a month before she left this world, that the alignment which happened on December 21, 2020 signified either Heaven or Hell on earth because of the power of this Messianic energy.

The Zohar says, that in our day, the time of the Messiah, the world will experience BOTH heaven and hell, or in the words of the Zohar, “Woe and Blessing.”

Both realities will exist side by side.

Our consciousness and behavior towards others determines which reality we will experience as the world rockets into a new and final phase.

Karen said truth will shine and all the lies and corruption that have been hidden throughout history will be stripped away, and no amount of money or power will prevent the truth from radiating into our world.

The Zohar is how we make sure that we are connected to the side of blessing and good fortune.

The Zohar says many people will even fight against the Messiah during this time period. The Rav told me people will not want to let go of this chaotic world and they will resist the great changes and positive evolution of our world as the Messiah energy fills the universe.

Imagine that.

People resisting blessing, positive change and positive results.

But it’s true.

Our ego hates the truth. Our egos despise the truth. We are so enslaved to our ego, we resist all the things that are good for us.

And even when truth is right in front our faces, we see the opposite. Why? Because the ego is opposite of the Divine Light. And therefore, when see and perceive our world through our ego, we see and perceive the opposite of true reality.

And so we run away from the Messiah and the Light and the truth.

This is why we embrace pain upon our ego. By weakening it, by transforming it, we begin to see clearer, and THAT is how we wind up on the side of blessing, instead of on the side of woe.

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