Rabbi Elijah on the Final War – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

Over two centuries ago, the great Kabbalist known as the Vilna Gaon (Rabbi Elijah, AKA the Genius of Vilna, Lithuania) said the final war on earth will last 12 minutes.

That’s right, the famous Armageddon War, according to this 18th century Kabbalist will endure for a mere 12 minutes. He said: “A third of the world will die, a third will suffer from plague and a third will survive.”

The only technology that can end this world in minutes is nuclear.

The Zohar makes it clear: Through the Light of Zohar, we simply have to go nuclear on our own ego. We must eradicate its influence so that our soul, our true essence, rules over the ego instead of our reactive selfish, opinionated impulses ruling over our soul.

That is a great battle. It’s a tougher battle than you can imagine.

Here’s an example:
You must admit you were totally wrong about Trump. Totally wrong about the Vaccine Mandates. Totally wrong about the Republicans. Totally wrong about the Democrats. Totally wrong about Fox News. Totally wrong about CNN.

You must somehow, cross over to the opposite viewpoint, letting go of all your preconceived, tightly held notions, and release your anger and frustration, and realize there is a higher truth! You must realize that our ego can present an opposite view of reality! We must loosen that egocentric grip and free ourselves from the slavery of having to be right, or believing 100% that we are correct. We must admit we were full of ourselves, selfish and that we are totally controlled by other people’s perceptions of ourselves.

We must open our minds to the possibility that were totally wrong about everything over the last two years (and if you think i am choosing sides or making a political statement, you must rise above that and strive to see what I am truly saying).If we can climb that higher mountain to see BOTH sides of an issue, or just be open to the possibility that there ARE two sides…actually there are THREE sides to an issue:

Your view.
Your enemy’s view.
And the truth.

​If we can get there, we can avoid physical wars on earth.

Either way, there will be war. Internally. Or externally. We either fight the enemy within. Or we battle the external enemies in our world.

This is not about morals. The unification of humanity, which means respect and dignity for the opposite viewpoint, and letting go of narcissism, which only creates separation between people, THIS is how all of humanity ends pain, suffering and death in this world. We all win, when we come together.

When we reach a critical mass of people who manage this inner transformation, a cosmic curtain will come down and true reality on earth will be revealed to us.

Coming together does NOT mean we give up our views and we all have one opinion. It means we place dignity and respect above all opinions, above all ideologies, and we realize the ultimate truth lies within the domain of the Divine. And not the corrupted view of the Divine that organized religion preaches. But rather, the true Cause of all causes, the supernal Creative Force of Consciousness that birthed the Cosmos into existence. When we connect to this Hidden Force, the ultimate truths are revealed bringing blessing and insane fulfillment to ALL sides.

The only way to connect to this Hidden Luminous Force is to nuke the ego. Bit by bit.

A little more openness and a bit more awareness of this Force can transform the world into a pleasurable realm of Light in about 12 minutes as well.

The only doubt about this radiates from our ego.

And the Zohar, the luminous Radiance and Energy that helped birth the universe into existence, this Light called Zohar gives us the power to make that great internal change so that we bring the redemption through mercy as opposed [to] through harsh judgment.

This Zohar Energy is a wave of Divine Consciousness and it’s accessible through the simple book called Zohar.

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