The National & Global Economic Security and Reformation Act – NESARA & GESARA

NESARA & GESARA REPORT: The National and Global Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA/ GESARA) was meant to be released to the public on more than one occasion in times passed, but the nefarious cabal players have routinely sidelined the event until President Bill Clinton was forcively pursuaded to sign the bill into law, per members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

What you don’t know is that it has been active all along, however, in order not to pay you the civilian ‘slave’ the information that you have a right to it by law has not come to the surface until now.

This filing now puts all fraudulent parties on notice that if they do not act according to your rights and this law, this is considered an act of treason and punishable by death.

WARNING: Humanity may go through several existential crisis’s at once! It’s kinda a big deal. What does it even mean to be a human, and can we continue to keep rewriting that over and over? 🙂

Take heart… the oppressors’ grips are weakening and breaking!

Massive justice is in the cards for those who willfully prolong the restoration of the world.


(planetary cleansing checklist)

  1. Extraterrestrial first contact will dissolve much of the old ways: Religions. History. Politics. Technology. And this is just for starters. Old values will dissolve into everlasting values.
  2. NESARA and GESARA: People will be mostly thrilled in the new financial system, which will be unmesswithable, and will under co-management with extraterrestrials…. which brings me to…
  3. Galactic Government: People need to understand that when there are announcements of our new leadership that will emerge after the mass arrests of the old guard and dark players, that our new emerging leaders will be co-piloting this planet with galactics… THIS WILL NOT BE A HOSTILE TAKEOVER… yes there could be games of trickery.. so don’t be foolish and discount our real space brother’s love, because of old programming… this is a new thing, that the old thing knows nothing about. People will freak but will come to realize that humans obviously don’t have the skill to restore this planet, and we do need help… we need lots of help and we shall have it.
  4. Earthly Spirit Presences: Not only will humans learn of our galactic family, but we shall also learn and see our spirit family… angels… elementals… new creatures… we will learn to live in harmony with all creatures not just the ones we can see in the physical.
  5. Spiritual World Economy: Humans will be needing to adapt to a new world economy that is not based on exploitation of another… and there is RHYTMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE with all of Creation, when it comes to our new human creations. Humans will need to become cozy and comfortable with the spiritworld itself.
  6. New Human Sensory Perception: Some humans are now very psychic… some can read minds… some can see energy… some can hear things others cannot… some can hear words, where others only hear silence. We need to treat this new gift, as treasures to help humanity gain the new goal:
  7. RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE IN ALL WORLD COMMERCE, CONTRACTS, AND AGREEMENTS. Lets put it this way… a whole new way of doing biz where all want the best for each other… it’s not a system based on competition… it is a system based on love. Love thy neighbour as they self, is the mantra of sharing the riches of the planet, and our services in, you got it… rhythmic balanced interchange. Try to imagine a planet where everyone loves each other…. might feel strange, but hold the vision and ground it, and be a creative witness to the concept that love is not weird and strange… it’s perfectly normal to love everybody!
  8. ENCOURAGING IN SELF AND EACH OTHER, THE REMEMBERED VALUE OF JOY: Humans will eventually be quicker to learn that joy is a worthy goal. Yes, life is meant to be fun… I also want to add, that ultimate fun is fun that is in rhythmic balance with everything and everyone else.
  9. The world culture of addiction will dissolve in the culture of health and wellness. Humans will realize healthy humans are good for a world economy that is in harmony… it is essential. Extra efforts are needed more than ever, as people learn how to develop and sustain a primal diet.
  10. Space travel update: A whole new era of space travel emerges as our star family steps more into our lives… just think, fun joy rides through out the galaxy and beyond… all we gotta do is be nice with the rest of the galaxy… it’s not asking for much, and we are after all, in the galaxy, not separate from it. In short, we’re transitioning from a prison planet, into a galactic hub… a showcase planet that the star beings from all over will visit. Now just when we think that’s quite enough there’s a few more:
  11. Later Than Sooner… Meeting the Annunaki: That’s coming too, not necessarily likely until humanity is most ready for the occasion. Humanity will meet the ones who turned us into a slave race, and we will make peace with them… it will explain the large doors and 10,000 giant skeletons that have been hidden away for now. Imagine the amazing cast of characters humans will see walk amongst us… including the Annunaki…. all for peaceful purposes, with no hostility, or manipulation. This will require a level of maturing for humanity, and they are waiting somewhere behind the sun, for showtime!
  12. Three Days of Darkness: Now this is the major wild card which will shift everything, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened at the same time as a pole shift. Imagine a passover type of event, in which the daytime suddenly is plunged into a darkness lasting three days… better have a plan… apparently, this would involve a process by which many dark humans are removed from the planet. Imagine a energy jolt, but if you’re a low vibrating human, you die from the shock, and if you are a loving human, you experience an energy boost. After the three days of darkness would be a whole new world in more ways we can imagine. Humans would quickly rebuild the homes and cities of our dreams with the help of the special technology from our galactic visitors.


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