Our entire existence is based upon one single fact. All that exists in this entire universe is the Creator’s desire to delight us and our desire for that pleasure. Everything in the universe happens the way it does because of this law. We are completely and totally under its rule. All different kinds of existence, be them inanimate, vegetative, animate, or speaking, every single solitary thing wants to receive pleasure, to receive a spark of the Light.

We were created with only one purpose, that when we receive the Light from the Creator, we feel infinite and everlasting pleasure, not in a selfish way, but rather in a perfect and an absolute way. If the Light enters the Vessel and fills it up completely, then this Vessel can no longer receive because the desire is saturated by the Light; and in the absence of a desire, the pleasure passes away as well. It is a vicious circle. We want pleasure, we receive pleasure, the pleasure kills the desire, and so the pleasure is no longer felt. It is this exact problem that the spiritual system of Kabbalah cures.

We can only receive endlessly when we do not receive for our own sake, i.e. we enjoy for the sake of the Giver. Then the Light entering the Vessel does not neutralize the desire to receive. Through experience we all know that when we are hungry and begin to eat, after a certain time we no longer feel the hunger, even if the most delicious dishes are made available. Pleasure is experienced on the borderline between pleasure itself and the desire for it. However, as soon as pleasure enters the desire and starts to satisfy it, this desire slowly fades away. And if the pleasure is stronger than the desire, this can even lead to repulsion.

So we have a problem here, but the good news is we have a solution as well. The Creator devised a system that gives His creature a remedy for its predicament. If we choose to feel pleasure while pleasing others instead of feeling it within ourselves, the pleasure never ends. You see, this pleasure relies on how much you can give. The more pleasure you give to people, the more pleasure you get to feel. In other words, I live outside myself, outside my own will to receive. This condition produces an eternal existence, the state of perfection, which is one of the attributes of the Creator. This is exactly the state the Creator wants to usher us into.

You see, we were created for only one reason: to receive complete, unlimited and absolute pleasure, delight. But in order to accomplish this, we must know how this system known as “the spiritual worlds” operates. Every law under which our corporeal world operates stems from the spiritual worlds. This is where our souls were before we were born, and this is where they return after our lives end.

Light is the sensation of the Creator by the creature; what stems from the Creator; something that we feel as good, whereas we feel its absence as bad. The Light that is spoken of in the first day of the creation of the world is the uppermost Light, which includes everything in it. The rest of the Lights are but derivatives of it, particular manifestations of it.


The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches about a hierarchy of interlocking spiritual domains which progressively ‘descend’ in holiness, beginning with the unfathomable Godhead, traversing fractal-like through a system of ‘coarsening’ immaterial worlds, and culminating in the Creation of the physical universe. In addition to elaborating an ontogeny for all existence, Kabbalah explains, often allegorically, the hidden ways by which God continuously guides the unfolding universe and the dynamic systems that are in place to interact with Nature and humanity.

As depicted in Kabbalah, the universe is governed by a complex system of “Lights” or forces which, through myriad interactions, provoke chain reactions that ultimately impact humans and their physical surroundings. Central to the Kabbalistic viewpoint is the absolute unity of the Creation at its core, with all semblances of separateness and differentiation becoming apparent only after “filtration” of the one Infinite Light (Ohr Ein Sof) through the various Sefirot.

Although the Light (emanation) of the Infinite is a unified whole, each of ten Sefirot represents a “filter” that holds and transforms a certain part of this Light into a particular force, attribute, or action. According to Kabbalah, arrangements of ten Sefirot are the blueprint of all things created, and everything that exists is ultimately comprised of these ten “forces”.

A configuration of Sefirot acting in coordination or towards a defined purpose is called a Partzuf (face, visage, or countenance). By analogy, the movements and touch of a gloved hand reveal much about the hand itself despite its ‘hidden’ nature. Note also that the degree of overlap among Worlds, Partzufim and Sefirot, indicating the propensity for Divine influence/blessing to flow from one level to the next, can vary with time and position within the Kabbalistic superstructure (Etz Ha’chaim, literally “Tree of Life”).


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All the desires that are destined to appear, already appeared and were revealed in Ein Sof (the Endless World). They appear there in their perfect, complete state, and it is the completeness and the fulfillment, namely the Ohr Elyon (Light of the Most High), that fathered and created these desires. It turns out, that the fulfillment for the desire precedes the occurrence of the desire that is related to that fulfillment and indeed causes it.

¬Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag, “Study of the Ten Sfirot,” part 2:80
~AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections #59
-HEY RESH CHET, Guardian Angel, Harahel, “God Who Knows All Things”

Meditation: I now establish an umbilical cord to the Divine Energy, ensuring a constant stream of Light in my life, especially when I am in a place of darkness.


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