Omega Point Cosmology – The Elimination of Event Horizons


This would be a quantum-level train of thought which meets the mind with the elimination of event horizons so that the universe is ultimately forced to end in a solitary-point final singularity. This point has been called the Omega Point. The Omega Point is understood as omniscient, having an infinite amount of information and knowing all that is logically possible to be known; it is omnipotent, having an infinite amount of energy and power; and it is omnipresent, consisting of all that exists. These three properties are the traditional definitions of God held by almost all of the world’s leading religions. Hence, by definition, the Omega Point is God.

Omega Point would hereby be to the future what the Big Bang has been to the past: a terminal point on the time axis. This is not some poetic, metaphysical concept but comes in the context of quantum cosmology with wave function, boundary condition, and the likeness thereof. Due to the Omega Point cosmology having infinite computational resources, the universal resurrection of the dead will eventually be trivial to perform, whereupon the resurrected people can be granted immortality in an infinite-duration afterlife.

It may be inferred, then, that if life evolves in all of the many universes in a quantum cosmology, and if life continues to exist in all of these universes, then all of these universes, which include all possible histories among them, will approach the Omega Point. At the instant the Omega Point is reached, life will have gained control of all matter and forces not only in a single universe, but in all universes whose existence is logically possible; life will have spread into all spatial regions in all universes which could logically exist, and will have stored an infinite amount of information, including all bits of knowledge which it is logically possible to know. And this is the end.

Omega Point theory argues that, in the future, humans (or some other advanced species) will develop the technological ability to simulate the universe. Humans that reach such a point in evolution, it may be deduced, will have an extremely advanced sense of morality. They will recognize a moral problem with the notion of intelligent conscious beings living their lives and then dying. So, to correct this moral problem they will recreate everyone that came before and let them live an immortal life inside a simulated reality.

|||-For further research on Omega Point, see the work of Frank J. Tipler of Tulane University.


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