The 72 Names of God #48. Unity unto Mutual Guarantee – The Law of Common Soul – Kabbalah and New Life Wisdom

AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections 

With these letters, I pass the true test of spiritual character. I can now see all sides of the problems that come before me. My focus is upon unity. The soul is present and opposed to division and selfish desires.

Arvut: The Law of Common Soul

The only problem is with a person who is intentionally created to violate the law of Arvut, the law of simple unity. Human aspiration is the opposite of unity, the Creator, and connection, and that is why a person feels existence in a reality called “this world,” in suffering and lowliness. The whole world is setup to bring the person to the realization of his evil nature and to the revelation of the goodness of the global, integral nature of unity.

Our purpose is to reveal unity to the point of attaining the root of this connection, the single force of the Creator, which is all that exists.

The Creator created the evil inclination, and the righteous, who want to justify the Creator, return the entire system to good through requests and prayers. They request adhesion with the Creator, and are thus called “righteous”; they justify creation because the Light is perceived only from darkness.

It is impossible to comprehend the good from good; it cannot be perceived. The created beings can only feel contrasting qualities. Therefore, the Creator’s creation of the evil inclination was a great gift to us. It was a double gift: the opportunity to reveal the good and to ask for it to be realized in us.

There are many ways to reach the Creator. There are secular people, religious people, Israel, and 70 nations of the world. And in the people of Israel there are 70 roots as an imprint of the 70 nations. By working to unite the people of Israel, we push and obligate all humanity toward connection. By uniting the people of Israel and correcting the roots of the nations of the world, we correct the whole world.

Therefore, first, the law of Arvut must be realized by the people of Israel. After that, it will spread to the rest of the nations and turn all humanity into a single nation as it was in ancient Babylon before the mixing of the languages.

Arvut is the law of nature. We gradually realize that everything depends on following this law and that the whole Torah is dedicated to carrying out the law of Arvut. Therefore, only by agreeing to execute the law of mutual guarantee do we receive the Torah. All the commandments are the Creator’s rules to achieve Arvut. We hope that the people of Israel will come to understand this and that the whole world will follow.

The heart is a desire covered with an egoistic shell. Therefore, we need to rub our hearts to peel off this shell and reveal the net desire on which we can receive in order to bestow.


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