Only God Can Judge Me (Sui juris) The Law of Full Age

The Law of Full Age

Living by the law of the truth, peace, harmony with your fellow man, honest contracts, and dealings with individuals, companies, and government, respecting the rule of law and forsaking lawlessness, is the right of the self-governing kings this country is completely composed of, even if those kings are unaware of their lawful highest status, it does exist and remains protected under common law. An individual can act of one’s own right in the same manner as an organization such as Congress or the churches to name a few examples. Your highest sovereign status has been the goal and obsessive compulsion of political organizations. Politics and government are the things that should be separated, not God and law. The entire notion of a separation between church and state is pure fabrication as this is no where mentioned in our country’s founding documents. All that is mentioned is a prohibition for government to favor one religion over another, or to enact any law with respect to the establishment of religion.

This provision in the Constitution was intended to protect the lawful right of all to worship freely, and bind the government from interference in religion, not to remove God from law and politics.

Inasmuch, Ecclesiastical jurisdiction is the same as individual sovereign authority derived from the Creator and includes the right of allodial title(s) for church properties, which are sacrosanct. You are only a subject if you have voluntarily elected to apply for subject status and receive privileges, by giving up your highest status of sovereign, through the submission of applications for registration with government. Most people do not know what they are doing when they elect for these voluntary permissions.

Ignorance is the manner by which enslavement is accomplished today. Manipulation through ignorance and conventional wisdom was turned a once free nation of individual kings, into an entire country of slaves who falsely believe that they are free. This bondage is more evil than outright slavery as the form it took in Egypt. It is a barely visible prison cell with lavishly decorated bars to distract one from the evidence of their imprisonment.

The great illusion is that we are all free, but free men need not ask permission to engage in lawful activities, that is something only children and slaves are obligated to do. Administrating all of one’s own affairs sui juris autonomous and appearing in court as a belligerent claimant in personam to assert and defend your lawful rights is not an optional contemplation for free men, it is the only way to remove the assumption that your government operates upon, that you are a child.

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